minnie_sorani (minnie_sorani) wrote in little_details,

Hello, I'm new and asking about rats.

So, I'm writing a one-shot fic about talking animals and my fic is centred on rats.

To give background, these rats live in England, are originally from the sewers under local towns but have moved into a big protected park and are living completely wildly. The rats are also in monogamous relationships.

My question is, what's the maximum number of litters a female rat can have in a year without it severely damaging her health?
The rats are supposed to be breeding heavily but since these are intelligent talking animals I am assuming there would be a level of control so the females don't end up getting harmed through constant pregnancy.

When I tried searching for this information I tended to just find results for how many babies a pet rat should have and how many a wild rat will typically have. I'm asking for closer to a maximum amount.

Thank you to any rat experts there may be among here.
Tags: ~animals (misc)

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