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Okay, so, as far as small details go this is pretty tiny, but quite important for my story.

My character is in his fourties. He's just recieved really, really bad news (specifically, both his parents have been killed in a car wreck). It's late at night, he's at home, and having got this news, he goes for the liqueur cabinet. Now, later on a friend of his shows up, they drink together, and the character makes a comment about the bottle of whiskey they're drinking - he says, obviously with a degree of bitter irony, that he only brings out this particular bottle "on special occasions".

So, the point is that this whiskey is really, really good. And really expensive. This guy has good taste, he's fairly cultured and probably knows his liqueurs. I, on the other hand, don't. So what I need to know is, what would be a plausible a) brand and b) year for this bottle of very special whiskey?
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