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Emergency Broadcast Message Verbage; Current Day; US.

I'm hoping someone can help me or give me an idea, because I'm clueless on this one.

I'm looking for what a nation wide emergency broadcast message on radio and television would say. If there's been a national crisis, and people need to know where they can go for help and/or information, what would it say?

I've looked on Google and Wiki using search terms such as 'emergency broadcast', 'emergency broadcast USA', 'emergency message', 'emergency message USA', 'national emergency', and variations on a theme. I get a lot about the sorts of things used to make the messages but not what the actual messages would say, and that's the bit I'm stuck on.

Any help/suggestions on what it would say or where to look for examples would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Tags: usa: government (misc), ~radio, ~television

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