Damien Kellis (dkellis) wrote in little_details,
Damien Kellis

Transportation of weapons.

How would a normal civilian transport a weapon to the US? The weapon in question is a katana (a real one), and the character is a relatively normal woman who is not a US citizen (but not from a knee-jerk "questionable" country either). This woman is flying into the US by aeroplane.

She's very attached to the katana, but is also aware of the various laws currently regarding air travel, so she is likely to have checked it in. What procedures would she have to go through for this to happen? Would there be any restrictions, special checks? On herself or on her weapon?

Now, I can fiddle around with the bureaucracy a bit (the woman is coming to the US as part of a special program for recruiting superheroes), but I'd like her to have to go through as normal a channel as possible. She's not that special, after all.

Also, would there be any special considerations if it were an international flight as opposed to a domestic one?

Thanks for the help.
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