Empress Maeuve (empress_maeuve) wrote in little_details,
Empress Maeuve

Ancient Demi-gods with Remarkable births

Setting and time: not relevant.
Searches: Wiki'd and googled with "Demi-god" "demigod" and both of these with "Birth" attached and mostly ended up with Jesus links (which is not what I need).

I am looking for stories of demi-gods with strange or miraculous births and/or heroic/ incredible deeds shortly after their births. I'd prefer ones not from the Greek or Norse pantheons and I have used Heracles and the Norse god Vali and I want some variety. Any and all suggestions are welcome, though, if you think the demi-god fits the criteria.

Thank you in advance for all your suggestions. :D

EDIT: Thank you for all the interesting mythology and god information. I am, however, only looking for stuff that relates to HALF-GODs' births, and not full blooded gods.
Tags: ~religion & mythology (misc)

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