fydyan (fydyan) wrote in little_details,

Colombian p.o.v.

This is set in present-day. I have a character who moved to the U.S. from Colombia (Bogota, where she was a teacher) about four years ago. She is thinking about someone who almost got kidnapped by a drug cartel, on the orders of someone higher up. What I can't find out is how she would mentally phrase this. Would she use the phrase "drug lord", or "narcotrafficker", or simply "cartel", or is there another, better phrase? If there's a commonly used term in Spanish, that's fine.

I tried googling things like 'Colombia drug lords', 'Colombia drug terminology', and 'Colombia cartel terminology'. I found out all the various terms that governments and newspapers use, but not what the average Colombian would say/think.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: colombia (misc), ~organized crime

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