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Land conditions, Bluewater Lake State Park, New Mexico...

Time - Early November, current time.

I'm trying to discover if, while driving an ATV near this location, you would leave tracks. It's hard to tell, from looking at pictures, if the land in this area is hard-packed or looser, and if an ATV would leave clear tracks or only a few scuffy marks in softer areas.

Would the same hold true if you went further west/north toward Red Rock State Park, the Divide, and what looks like some kind of small creek on my map? There's no name to this water - it's possibly a 'seasonal' creek? On my map it goes east/west between route 666 and route 371 and dips south to follow interstate 40.

I can't seem to find any actual notices about whether ATVs are allowed in this park. The people using them will happily break the law if they're not, so that's not actually a consideration.

I've Googled the average weather in the area and know it gets cold at this time of year, but i don't know if it's cold enough to freeze the ground. I know, also, that there has been a higher than average rainfall across the state this year, but i couldn't find anything specific for this park.

Thank you!

Edit: Route 666 is now called 491. I guess i need a new(er) map.
Tags: usa: new mexico

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