Emma (emo_mz) wrote in little_details,

Ear Removal

Thank you to everyone who answered my last question, I have another one for you now.

Setting: Medieval Britain type country, but with magic.

The question is that my character has just had his ear cut off. It's a clean cut done with a sword by a very skilled swordsman, though my character wasn't expecting it. Now, I know the healing times will be affected by the fact that there are magical healers in this world, but since I have no idea how long it'd take to heal in the first place, I can't work out how much faster it would heal with magical assistance.

I tried googling ear cut off, ear removal and both with healing times, healing rates and such like. However all the hits seemed to be related to Jesus healing a soldier who'd lost an ear, which doesn't really answer my question.

So, how long would it take for someone to heal from an ear being cut off like that without magic? From that I can work out how much faster the magic would make it, I think. Any details on what that process would be like, as well as the long-term effects on hearing and such like would be very much appreciated too.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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