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Respiratory Therapy for Aspiration Pneumonitis post-ICU

I've posted this question over at too, but Yahoo seems to be backed up at the moment.

I'm writing a Batman fanfiction set in present-day New Jersey (at least that's where the DC Atlas puts Gotham City). I've just inflicted Aspiration Pneumonitis on Bruce, as a consequence of smoke/co2 inhalation.

I'm wondering, once he's stablized and no longer in ICU, what course of treatment would be followed, and what sort of timeline am I looking at? I've been told that respiratory therapy would be necessary. What would that entail specifically?

A Google search on respiratory+therapy+aspiration+pneumonitis did have some hits. The problem is, some of the sites (like emedicine) are written in medicalese...

Others like and are giving me a good overview of what RT might potentially involve, but I lack the expertise to know which treatments would be warranted in my character's case.

I do want him to recover fully with no permanent damage, but I don't mind if some of the after-effects take longer to go away.

Character is in his early 40s. Previously he was a top (Olympic calibre) athlete but in my fic he's been under lock and key for about two years. He would not have had access to a weight room or other fitness aids, but he has been doing callisthenics in his cell. Not sure how relevant that would be, but mentioning just in case.
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation, ~medicine: illnesses: lung problems

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