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various dubbing related questions...

I have a couple of questions about dubbing and the voiceover industry in general, and the ADR process in particular. I've googled all over the place, using various combinations of 'dubbing' 'anime dubbing' 'voice acting' 'voice over' 'adr' 'adr recording studio' et cetera. There's all sorts of information about trying to break into the industry, but within the context of my story, my character's past all that.

The closest thing I found to what I'm looking for was a woman voice actor's account of a typical week, but it's outdated (my story is set in the present) and also american cartoons, not ADR like I was looking for.

Ok, so my assumptions/questions from what I've been able to glean off the internet are:

1. I read somewhere that most voice actors work through agents, and I'm assuming it's true. Does anyone know for sure either way? I suppose it really doesn't matter...

2. I am also assuming that the United States uses the rythmo-band technique. Does anyone know differently?

3. As for the studios themselves, who is present 'behind the glass' at a recording session? Are there any titles I should know for the 'techies'? Would someone representing the company producing the anime be present, or not? I honestly have no idea.

4. As for the production studio itself, would the anime production company own their own, or would they contract out with an independent one? I've been to a couple of websites, and these places say they have the capability for a whole bunch of things outside of post-sync, so I'm lead to believe that these companies contract out. Yes? No?

5. Also, convention-related question, when voice actors are invited to conventions (in this case, a fairly large fictional one) are they usually put-up in the convention hotel? What actually goes on during a signing? (In this case, humorous anecdotes are a plus. I know all sorts of weird things go down during a convention, I've been to a few, just never to a signing)

I guess, if anyone finds any great links to information not just regarding these questions, but the whole industry in general, I would love if you would share!

I guess that's all for now, but I might be back as I run into snags along the way!

Thanks so much in advance!


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