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French Brothels in the 18th century

I've done a few searches in google on this subject "1700s france prostitute" "18th century france prostitute", etc., and haven't come up with much information. I found a little on English brothels, but not much even on that.

Any information or sources about French Brothels in the 18th century would be great. For example, what were they like? Were they well taken care of, or seedy and dirty? Who would become a prostitute? Lower class, middle class, or upper class? Did the women dress up in a certain way? How were they expected to behave? Were they supposed to be subservient to the man, or were brothels often about indulging kinks? Would they remain subservient until directed? How were the prostitutes chosen by men who came there? Would they have one recommended to them, or would they get to see them all and choose, or would they just take whoever was available, etc.? What kind of brothel would an aristocratic man go to? Would it be any different than one a middle class or lower class man would go to?
Tags: 1700s (no decades given), france: history, ~prostitution

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