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Tree Falling on Car

Setting: Modern America

Searches: tree falling on car, car tree damage, tree car damage, tree falling on car insurance

I need a small-to-medium-sized tree to fall on a car. I'd like the damage to be minimal, as my protagonist needs to use his car fairly soon afterwards (I can probably have him borrow someone else's, if that's not possible). Would there be less damage if the trunk hit the car, or the top with all the branches? And what part of the car could it hit to cause the least damage? I'm guessing the hood would be the worst The car is parked, so there's no chance of human injury.

How long would the car be in the shop afterwards? Is several days possible?

Also, how would insurance work for this sort of thing? My google results only talked about when your own car is parked at your own home. In this case, the car does not belong to the homeowner. I think it would still be covered by his (the car owner's) car insurance, but I'm not sure. Does he need to take pictures of the tree on the car, or have an insurance inspector look at it?
Tags: usa (misc), ~cars, ~insurance

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