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Chicago Monopoly Boards


I'm currently in the planning stages of a casefic in the due South fandom. So, c.1998 and in Chicago, America.

I've tried googling and google image searching for "chicago monopoly", but they haven't produced any legible or concrete results. I've also tried this wikipedia article about licensed variations on Monopoly, which provided some information, but not enough to be able to "reconstruct" the layout. I also found the thing on amazon

It might well be that I'm just missing something in the way I phrase things.

What I really really want is a picture of a Chicago Monopoly board (preferably the "official" Parker Bros. version, but I'd settle for any if all else fails. Large enough for me to see the locations.) or a list of the locations on it.

I'm kind of hoping that somebody here has one or works in a toy-shop or something. Or that somebody could just point me to the right resource.


ETA: Why I want this? I have somebody sending photographs of board squares to the Chicago Police as a way of "anouncing" bombings.

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