Milla (nova25) wrote in little_details,

Parental Rights - father unaware of birth?

This is smiliar to the question below, but Google's not being helpful, and I'm hoping no one minds. xD

I have a RP character who recently discovered that he has a daughter. He (reluctantly) won permission from his ex to visit said daughter, but the ex isn't too keen on letting him have regular contact. What are his parental rights, if he still has any? (This is US law, btw)

Also, he doesn't intend on suing, but if it became necessary for him to gain guardianship, what would most likely happen? Would the following facts have any bearing on the case?

-His ex is an exotic dancer and he's an artist. Her income is higher than his, but he's able to support himself.
-The child is three, and right now being taken care of by his ex's stepmom.
-He was completely unaware of the existance of his child until his ex informed him. The moment she did, he went off to meet the kid.

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