beta_aquilae (beta_aquilae) wrote in little_details,

British Army presence in 1960's Cyprus

Can anyone help me find out which regiments that were deployed in the British Army bases in Cyprus during the 1960's, or does anyone know where to find reading materials on the subject? As a sideline, I'm also interested in whether there were rules against commissioned officers fraternising with the locals. I'm hoping to trace the movements of a young officer, his Cyprus-born wife and their young child in the early seventies until late summer 1974. 

Have googled:, Near East Command, British Cyprus forces, Dhekelia garrison, together with the relevant years (latter rather than former part of the decade), and in general read up on the British military forces in the region. Haven't got as far as the fraternising yet. 
Tags: 1960-1969, uk: military: historical

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