Empress Maeuve (empress_maeuve) wrote in little_details,
Empress Maeuve

European mythological beasts

This is for an urban fantasy novel I'm writing. The setting is not relevant.

Are there any Celtic/ Irish/ Scottish/ Gallic mythological creatures that are supposed to hunt/eat/chase/terrorize humans?

I already know about the Wild hunt, kelpies, and phookas. I was wondering if there were other mythological creatures of that kind that are known to go after humans in a violent nature (I'm looking for more hardcore evil than just baby-snatching or mischievous pranking).

I have looked through several folklore reference books by Katherine Briggs, one long-winded omnibus of Irish mythology and done several extensive searches on Wiki and Pantheon.org. I would like more specific creatures to research. Any and all suggestions welcome.

Thanks so much for all your replies!
Tags: ~folklore (misc), ~religion: celtic

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