Mike (metropolis22786) wrote in little_details,

Number One Observatory Circle floor plans.

Evening ladies and gentlemen :D

I'm looking for some information on Number One Observatory Circle. Otherwise known as the official Residence of the Vice President. Something like a floor plan, or a general idea of its layout. It's for a scene I'm writing, where three intruders are about to attack the Vice President and his wife, after taking out their Secret Service protection. I need it to be fairly authentic.

EDIT: I've already tried searching through Google and Wikipedia. I've gotten a rough idea of the layout of the grounds.

Edit the Second Search terms I've used on Google and Wikipedia are "Number One Observatory Circle", "Vice President Official Residence", "Floor Plan", "The Observatory", and other permutations. Wikipedia HAS given me a list of the different rooms on the different floors, though.

Help is muchly appreciated!!!

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