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More questions ^^;

I asked a question before and it didn't get answered, but it was pretty obscure, so I didn't expect one :D Here's a couple of other, less obscure questions. I googled all these but had no joy.

(note: all of these are just set 'somewhere', I haven't yet specified a country/state, but information on state laws would be appreciated so I can figure it out)

Would there be any legal restrictions from a convicted child molestor (who went to jail, served his time and was let out on parole for good behaviour) from regaining custody of his three children if their current guardians have no objections? There is no history of him abusing the children and they have no objections to being put back in his custody. The child he was convicted of abusing was a student of his; he was formerly a private tutor. (purely for the record, if I can find a way for him to get custody, he isn't actually going to abuse the children, too predictable)

If a girl of about eleven was blinded and required a guide dog for vision and she was placed in an orphanage with her big brother, would the same general policy of not splitting siblings up apply?

Related to said girl, if she was (through modern medical science with a bit of black magicks thrown in) able to recover her vision to a certain extent, would she still be permitted to keep the guide dog? Assuming they'd already spent quite a few years together?

Finally, are there any laws specifically prohibiting or steps one is meant to take if you privately 'adopt' a very young child? For background: the blind girl (who isn't yet blind) takes her four-year-old brother to a dear friend of her now-dead mother and asks him to take care of the child until she comes back. She never comes back (or doesn't come back for many years, and when she's back, it isn't for the kid). Could he potentially get in trouble for this if no-one reports the child missing and his absence is not noticed for a number of years, when the child has grown up with him and recognizes him as a father?

Thanks in advance ^_^

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