Doormouse (theredoormouse) wrote in little_details,

British General Culture and Society in the 1700s

Setting British Colonies in the Atlantic or just Britain in general I'm not picky aside from the time period.

I think it's okay that the story is barely even a fledgling idea and most of what I know is that I want it to be in the 1700s because I'm crazy like that. :)

Anyway, it's so vague a topic that Google provides a forest far too thick for my tastes so if you've specific sites to recommend or just suggestions on search-terms that's fine; or even better books! I'm a dinosaur for being only twenty and rather like ink on paper to be honest.

I found some lovely books on Amazon, but they were all about the culture that arose for the slaves on tobacco and sugar plantations. Interesting, and helpful, but now I need to know about the British Settlers themselves.

I've tried searching for "British Culture in the 1700s", "The Atlantic Colonies in 1700" and "Historical British Culture"+"1700" but, again, that turns up either far too many (often contradictory) sites on google (and one rather interesting one about a Con somewhere in Texas set in that era) and on Amazon it only gave me the books about the Slave culture.

I did get several hundred historical fiction novels but I've read those before and they're often filled with anachronisms.

I know it's disturbingly vague and I'm certain that makes it all the harder so my apologies on that.

Thanks so very much in advance.

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