Emmi Phoenix (dragonchan) wrote in little_details,
Emmi Phoenix

Kids' memories and technical terms.

A couple more. Hopefully not as vague as my last lot.

First - By what point do children usually recognise their own names? And how hard is it for a very young child to adjust to being referred to by a new name?
First part two - On average, what kind of age do people remember back to?
Looked at child development sites, but all I seemed to be finding was when they should be burping, talking, walking etc.
Context: The character in question saw his parents killed and was taken away and adopted/recruited by the enemies who did so when he was young. He's dragged back to what was his parents' side when he's sixteen. Ideally, I need to work out what he'd remember of the incident, though he doesn't recognise his old name when the 'good guys' use it on him...
Ah. Second: Given that he's been trained/brainwashed for most of his life by the enemy, would it be possible for the 'good guys' to 'break' his conditioning, and how? I can probably resort to technobabble if I have to, but it would work best in-story if they use purely psychological/talky techniques - bear in mind he's not an adult here.

Third question's for a fic unrelated to the above. Fandom, this time, rather than origi-fic.
The planet that the story's set on would naturally be a lot colder than Earth - it orbits somewhere closer to where Mars does, but it has a strong magical field around it. This amplifies the sun's heat and regulates the seasons - if it's ever disturbed, it plays localised havoc with the seasons, causing snow in summer etc and heatwaves in winter etc.
In the world's early days, magic was serious to them - but in its modern era, it's regarded as fringe science, and its effects are given technical sounding names...
And I'm trying to figure out what.
What would be a sensible boffin name for the planet's magical field, or for magical effects in general? I've been reading too much Discworld, so my brain's yelling 'thaumic', but I know that that would send the fourth wall on its merry way too quickly...

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