Box (shmoobox) wrote in little_details,

Make-up brand?

I'm writing a character who is somewhat well off (think a Daddy's Princess type) and though she hates the people involved in her "world" (the English Upper Classes) she has kept many of their preferences as it's what she grew up with.
I'm wondering what brand of make-up she'd use. I thought MAC or Urban Decay wouldn't be her thing at all. I was thinking perhaps Chanel or Dior? I really have no idea about this kind of thing.

It's set roughly present day (turn of this century at earliest) and she's about 30, and living somewhere in southern England.

Thanks for any help.

EDIT: I have LOTS to be looking into now, thank you so much. Additional suggestions are appreciated. She has friends :p
Tags: ~hygiene & grooming

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