Mindi Scott (mindiscott) wrote in little_details,
Mindi Scott

Alcoholics tempted by smell?

Story: Contemporary.

Searches include combinations of phrases with the words: alcoholic, smell, breath, temptation. (None of these came close to answering my question and I'm drawing a blank for what might be a more effective search.)

In my story, my protag quit drinking six days ago. He did the cold turkey detox thing on his own (which might not have been the safest or best choice) and is feeling better physically after a few rough days. But, now he is driving his brother and his best friend somewhere, and they are both drunk and smell like alcohol.

I'm trying to figure out how this would affect him. Would the smell make him really want a drink? It seems like people usually think of other people's beer breath as kind of unappealing, but I was thinking he would be tempted by it. I just didn't want to write that detail in if I'm way off here.

Antecdotes are welcome.

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