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Rock Music From the late 60s' - 1976

I'm writing a fic about a restless, rebellious, sometimes broody, teen boy living in the year 1967 (he's about 16). I need people to name me any songs they may know/have that are from the late 60's through the 70's (up til 1976), preferably in the harder rock catagories, for each of these moods:

PLUS, I need a guilty pleasure "omg I would rather DIE than let my friends find out I listen to this" either ballad or just totally uncool song!

If any of you can help that'd be sweet!

Sorry! I didn't mention I didn't try searching for this elsewhere because I'm looking for people's opinions on the music, not just a list of songd from the time period. For all the music knowledge I have I know NOTHING about the 60's-70's rock music and though I'm sure I could search the billboard charts or something, I would never know what would be good. So this question's really a "What do you like " question so I can narrow my choices.

AND the boy lives in England!

ETA: Thanks to everyone who offered up answers and search advice! I totally appreciate it! Now that I have some ideas I can get this fic underway!
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