Ann Applecore / Ai (ann_applecore) wrote in little_details,
Ann Applecore / Ai

Reasons for being in an asylum/mental ward - DP/DR

Preamble: Excuse me if this is a strange question to ask, but I have a story is set in Japan. A patient suffers from an anxiety disorder (DP/DR). Most relevant Google searches done: mental illness, anxiety disorder, dp/dr treatment. The best website I've come across is but I've read through that and other sites, and haven't been able to answer my question.

Question: A person who is confident and assertive (outwardly), begins to suffer from anxiety disorders or DP/DR caused by the pressures of great expectations. If things got to a head and their inability to function normally could no longer be ignored, would it be plausible for the person would be sent to an asylum for treatment and "hidden away" until they recovered? (It would be disguised as some different sort of injury--a likely candidate for this patient is a sports injury.) All websites/links read mention medication and home-therapy. Is that the only option, or at least, the majority? (If I have missed something on the internet, I would greatly appreciate links!)
Tags: japan (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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