Dùlin (lomelinde_sama) wrote in little_details,

Scorpion Stings

Okay, I had a few answers already, But I need more detail if anyone is knowledgeable enough.
I have this story going on in the eastern part of a re-created Sahara desert (it's an AU). Same weather conditions, same animal species. There's a caravan, and one of the dromedaries, being scared by something, will have its leg deep into the sand and be stung by a scorpion.

1) Is there any kind of dangerous but not lethal scorpion out there ?
2) I have a vet in the convoy, and he knows how to treat exotic animals, but he doesn't have anything that you should use to treat the wound. Is it actually believable that he would open the wound to try and make the venom come out, and then bind the leg so that the poison would not flow as freely and expand less rapidly until proper treatment can be delievered ?

Just a precision .. someone already told me that a dromedary has hooves, so that's why I made the best fall a bit, so that it would get stung in a part wher it can be stung. But my main problem is, can that beast be saved by a rough treatment of the wound assuming that real treatment will follow soon, or not ?
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