Curtana (curtana) wrote in little_details,

Hebrew terms of address

How would a young girl respectfully address an adult man and woman (to whom she is not related) in Hebrew? Would it be appropriate for her to call them something equivalent to 'uncle' and 'aunt', or is there some other way she would refer to them?

I've searched for various combinations of hebrew+address+terms+respectful, but found nothing helpful. This is in the medieval Crimea/ Bosporus region, and the girl in question has been taken in by a Khazar Jewish household. I'm happy to use more modern Hebrew terminology if no one knows about Khazar terms of address, though (if anyone does, I will be even more impressed by this community than I already am!) In any case, I'm not striving for perfect historical accuracy - and this is a fairly little detail indeed :)
Tags: ~languages: hebrew

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