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Gunshots, beating and time in the hospital

Hey there :) I have a couple of questions, both involving physical traumas and stays at the hospital, and I hope you can help me with it since (fortunately) I have experienced none of this. Google hasn't been very useful - English is not my first language so maybe I'm just not making the right questions :/

Case 1: female on her early twenties receives a single gunshot from a weapon very similar to an AK-7 (it's some years in the future but it hasn't been very modificated, since it's supposed to be a cheap option just used by the lowest rank soldiers) from a distance between 50 and 70 metres. The moment she gets shot it's around 0 degrees, she's drunk and high on amphetamines -don't know if that makes any difference- though it is already wearing off. She's 1.70m tall and underweight, and has been a very heavy smoker since she was 13. She'll spend at least 15 minutes unaided and then on a 10 minutes ride by motorbike to the hospital, along a quite bumpy road. I need her condition to be serious enough to threaten her life for a while (two or three days?), and then being forced to stay at the hospital for a couple of weeks, but have absolutely no idea about where or what kind of damage would be best for that :/

Case 2: pre-teenager female, though an hormonal disorder stopped her growth at 8. She gets badly beaten by four other kids around 12, kicked and banged against a wall, until she passed out. As in the first case I just don't know what kind of injuries would make necessary a stay in the hospital. In this case, also, I need it to be serious but not extremely dangerous to her life -like three days would be enough but the doctors will decide on her staying a little bit more though it's not really necessary, just to keep her out of reach. Would some broken ribs be enough?

Thanks in advance :)
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