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Manhattan -- Washington Heights Question

Greetings! I was thrilled to read all the great information regarding Manhattan, in a recent post. It helped me realize, I've been looking for information on a district (for lack of a better term) in Manhattan, known as Washington Heights.

Even though I've only seen it referenced through a TV show, I was able to see it once via Google Earth. I was wondering what kind of neighborhood it is... Sketchy? Middle-class? Safe? Are there quite a few places to grab a quick bite, in a coffee shop or deli? Google only showed a little bit of what was there.

Would most of the apartment buildings in that area have a doorman? How about churches (or especially synagogues) in the area? Parks? Is it a safe place to walk after dark? Any idea what the median monthly rent would cost in that area? (The character lives on an NYPD detective's salary.)

It's been rather hard to find any info on Washington Heights, so I've had to make up a lot of things in my fic. I would like to write things in a much more realistic manner, however, which is why I appreciate anything you'd care to share about this place.
Tags: usa: new york: new york city

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