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legal emancipation and age of consent in United States

I've done a fair job of figuring out the variations on age-of-consent laws in the United States, but then one of my characters threw a curveball at me, and I've been unable to come up with an answer.

What effect does legal emancipation of a minor, in this case one who is under the age of consent in the state in which he lives, have on the age of consent?

The best we've been able to find, asking a lawyer who went through all her books, is that emancipation "has an effect" on AoC and treatment in the case of criminal behavior, but none of her books bothered to say what the effect is.

edit: This specific case is in New York City, more specifically Manhattan. I know that the age of consent in Manhattan is one of the confusing, less-than-entirely-straightforward ones; the rule seems to be that a 16-year-old is considered consenting if having sex with a 16- or 17-year-old, and similarly with a 17-year-old (17 or 16). Eighteen and up is a separate class, legal whichever way you swing it so long as both parties are at least eighteen.

The character in question is 16, and his girlfriend is 21, and while I know that in Kansas (for instance) that's perfectly legal as-is, it does not seem to be such in New York. The 16-year-old is a) an orphan (more or less) and b) not from Earth, so regardless of the results, he's going to be an emancipated minor anyway.

Thank you.
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