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Balance disorder

Okay, here's the situation. I want a character to have a balance disorder in which they cannot walk in a straight line, balance on one foot, etc. (meaning, if a police officer should pull them over, they would not be able to pass the drunk tests). My mother, who is an ex-nurse, says this would most likely be caused by difficulty with your inner ear or a cranial nerve.

1 - I am assuming balance disorders wouldn't affect you while sitting in a car and driving, as this doesn't seem to need balance - you are sitting and supported by the seat. Am I wrong here?

2 - If you had a balance disorder of this sort, would you be allowed to keep your license?

3 - If you did get pulled over, would they arrest you as soon as you lurched from your car? Would they ask for proof of your disability (doctor's note maybe??)

4 - How would one develop a balance disorder like this? Injury I assume.

Okay, seperate question. I've heard that while you can be breathalyzed or blood tested after being arrested, police officers prefer blood tests in case you're on drugs instead of being drunk. However, they're supposedly only allowed to give you one. Is this at all true?

{edit} I've talked to my mom and she's given me one story, but she's nuts. I've tried googling balance disorders, license, and every combination thereof. I do not know any police officers to talk to. Thankfully. This is one of those questions where I'm not sure what to google.
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~medicine: illnesses (misc)

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