all fiery irish clip and curl (redatdawn) wrote in little_details,
all fiery irish clip and curl

Camping on a beach in Sicily, spring 1968

My story is about a man in his mid-twenties who is hitchhiking around Europe in 1968. The day that Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot, he's camping out (by which I mean sleeping, because he just has a sleeping bag, no tent) on a beach in Sicily. I want to know what that would be like. So,

What would a beach in Sicily look like? Rocks? Sand? Weather in April?
What kind of law enforcement issues would come into play? Would sleeping there have been legal?
What peculiar things that I don't know anything about would be...circumstantial necessities, &c. based on the situation?

Sorry for the vagueness. Anything anyone knows about this, especially personal experience or friends' anecdotes or even fictional accounts of similar experiences, would be great. Thank you!
Tags: italy: history

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