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Male anal sex

I'm not sure what search string I could possibly put in that wouldn't just produce gobs and gobs of porn. I don't mind gobs and gobs of porn, personally, but it would get rather too distracting to actually finish the task at hand, and that's never good. Also, I'd never know if the porn was written with a real human male in mind, or the stereotypical "STUDLY-MAN-MAN-STUD!" porn where the rules of the real world no longer apply, his erection never wanes, and the prostate is on the outside (I read a LOT of porn. It's often quite bad).

Okay, I have no prostate. If I had a prostate I'd have this little experiment in the final stages.

Anyways, on with the question:

If a butt plug of medium length and width were inserted and the wearer was immobile with no pressure exerted on the base of the plug what so ever, would the wearer still feel prostate stimulation? Or at least notice something was "interesting" up there if it was his first time?

ETA: the recipient would be on all fours and bound immobile for the duration. Would clenching his muscles make him feel something... different, or not? With vaginal penetration with a stationary dildo I know I can feel it nudging my g-spot, but that might be because I'm super aware of my body and have had g-spot stimulation before, and it just feels like a "PLEASE JUST LET ME TOUCH IT!" sensation than anything else.

Thank you for your attention to the matter,

The Wicked Writing Wench

Fighting to make porn realistic while still fun.


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