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Law details about embezzlement

Alright, so one of the characters in my novel finds himself in a desprate need

I was wondering if you guys could help me with a law questionhow many years someone would be sentenced for committing embezzlement? Here are the details of the situation.


- During the man's mid-twenties / early thirties, he was an accountant for a Canadian oil company. Throughout the years, he made his way up to becoming lead corporate Treasurer. The path was quicker than normal, due to the fact that his father is CEO of the company in question.

- Over the time span of several years, he embezzled a grand total of over three million dollars; through forged documents, misappropriated funds, you get the idea.

- Right when wind of his crimes was catching on, he took the money and ran.

- The man is forty years old when he is found residing in New Zealand.

- At this time, he has generated enough funds to pay back all of the money he stole.

- He does not resist arrest, and pleads guilty to all charges.


1. What kind of permissions does the Canadian government need to obtain before making an arrest overseas?

2. Would the government reposess his assets, regardless of whether or not he can pay the money back in full / with interest? If so, which government would do so; the Canadian government from which he stole, or the New Zealand government from which he used the money on?

3. What is the minimum / maximum jail sentence he would be assigned in a white-collar prison if the company tried him to the full extent of the court?


The closest I could come to answering question three was stumbling upon a 1998 Federal Sentencing Guide:

But I don't know how sentencing would relate to offence levels. And I'm certainly not sure whether or not a 1998 US guide would be comparable to current Canadian law. XD I've found this website: and see that Canada is a bit more lax in sentencing terms.

Most of my research / Googling has led to similar results.

I only need a rough idea to the answers of these questions; my book won't go into extreme details, I just want it to be generally accurate. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. :)

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