Linz (full4zaccordion) wrote in little_details,

Parental rights

In my story, my main character is a 14 yr old girl who ran away from home to get away from her verbally-abusive stepfather. Her mother is recently deceased, the victim of a violent crime, and my character never met her biological father. She only found out who he was a few months before her mother's death. So, she's run away to find him, thinking she'll be better off living with him. Of course, it doesn't turn out as perfect as she thought, but anyway, my question is, would he still have parental rights to her? He didn't know he had a daughter until she showed up on his doorstep because for various reasons, the mother couldn't tell him she was pregnant and she left town. The stepdad is my character's legal guardian and he doesn't know her biological father is still alive because the mother had always told him and her daughter that the father had died in a car accident before her daughter was born. So, would my character legally be able to live with her father, or would she have to go back and live with her stepdad? BTW this story takes place in Canada, so this would be Canadian law. Thanks!


I should probably also add that the stepdad never formally adopted the girl. He's only her legal guardian because it was assumed that her biological father was dead and also, there seemed to be no reason to change her living arrangements after he mother died.
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