taniapretender (taniapretender) wrote in little_details,

looking for a place to locate my story.

I'm starting a new story, and wanting to do things right, I'm gonna need some help concerning the scene where it will take place.

The story is set in present time, in America. It has to be on the coast, but can be anywhere, be it pacific or atlantic coast. But I need it to be a small village ( perhaps fishing village ), with a seashore around, and there must be storms, rain and fog. Something mysterious and very irish. Or Newfoundland-ish.

There must be a big town nearby, with a university.

I've done researches, but as I know close to nothing about american landscapes ( only what I saw in the movies and on Tv ) it was really short. I found that New England or Maine could provide me with that kind of landscape, but would there be any college town nearby the coast ? Nothing too big.

Also, it would be awesome if there was a dark past about the village. Like, violent deaths, murders, ... If not, it's fine, I'll make something up, but it could increase my story's credibility.

I already found a few legends about lighthouse ghosts over at hauntedlights.com but nothing violent enough to suggest recent murders that would require investigating.

Thank you for your help.

ETA :  I'm gonna go for Isle au Haut, Maine ( Knox County ). It has everything I was looking for, including The B&B at the Lighthouse's Keeper's house I was so dreaming about but thought I would have to make up. Thank you everyone for your help, you've been awesome.

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