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Firefighting Goggles, Present-Day USA

I've tried google searches of fire-fighter equipment, and found out that there are goggles out there which are fog resistant and protect eyes from smoke, BUT won't actually allow one to see in a fire unless the wearer is crouching down below the smoke. 

I've also been talking to two friends on a fanfic list who have relatives who are retired firefighters, and I've gotten some conflicting information. I realize that it might be that the technology has improved since these people were on active duty. 

Basically, one friend tells me that firefighters are trained to search a room sightlessly because the smoke and flames would obscure their vision, BUT that night-vision goggles would work if they weren't so expensive. Infra-red would blind the wearer in a fire.

The other friend tells me it's the night-vision goggles that would be blinding and "heat-vision goggles" would be best. Is this the same as infra-red?

What's the correct answer?

Note: I should mention that this is a Batman fanfiction and the goggles would be "bat" equipment. I want them to be something available with existing technology,  but since we're dealing with the Wayne fortune, the expense is irrelevant. So if night-vision is technologically superior but would cost too much to be standard gear, that's not a concern.
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