Liona Skycat (liona_skycat) wrote in little_details,
Liona Skycat

Hospital Treatment

Setting: Modern-day. Small city in Nevada, U.S.

An unidentified semi-conscious person is admitted to the emergency room of a hospital at night, with the following injuries: bruised ribs and one cracked one, broken nose, two crushed fingers, and a mild cerebral contusion (brain bruise), as some other minor injuries (cuts and bruises).

1. How long is diagnosis/treatment likely to take?
2. After diagnosis/treatment, where would he be placed?
3. If a relative shows up to claim him, would the hospital release the patient into the relative's custody or would they want the patient to remain for observation due to the cerebral contusion? If the patient was kept at the hospital, how long would it likely be for, and would the relative have to wait until regular visiting hours to go see him?

I've been able to find general information about the different injuries, but nothing specific about how long diagnosis/treatment is likely to take, or how long a patient would be kept for observation for a traumatic head injury. As well, most of my searches about hospitals and their areas/wards just gets me links to websites for specific hospitals, which don't really have the information I'm looking for.

Any information or insight would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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