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Yet more questions about Germany

I swear, next time I'm writing about ENGLAND during the war; at least I can draw on memories of the Noel Streatfeild books and have a fighting chance of knowing what I'm talking about.

Two things I'm wondering:

- what kind of games would German girls have played in that period (WWII)? Balls, hoops, skipping ropes, anything involving chalk on a sidewalk? My research (autobiographies of girls of the period) hasn't turned up anything more exciting than 'playing with a ball' and while I can wing that, I was wondering if there's anything specifically German I could use.

- not so much a WWII question, but: if you were raised in Berlin, what would an Austrian accent sound like to you? Different speed, tones, pronunciation? I have Berlin kids and a young Austrian woman, so want the kids to notice that she speaks differently, but I don't know what that specifically would mean. I'm not really concerned with any specific Austrian dialect - just the main distinction will be enough for now (kind of the way a Yankee can identify a Southern accent without knowing what state the person is from). Wikipedia wasn't much help.

I'm really sorry I don't always write back to everyone who comments, but everything is helpful and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to respond. Many thanks.
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