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Sweden questions.

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So, my character is from Stockholm, Sweden and he's moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. Present-day. He'll be between the ages of 20-25. I have never been to Stockholm, Sweden (or Sweden in general) and I don't know any Swedes. I've done my fair share of Google searching and I've learned a lot, but now I'm looking for little details. I'll include a few questions to get the ball rolling, but any information is welcomed.

What do you like about living in Stockholm, Sweden (or Sweden in general)? What do you dislike? Self-explanatory. If you don't answer any of my other questions, I'd love for this one to be answered!

What are general opinions Swedes hold of Americans? Do they keep up with American news? I know it's up to an individual, but I'd like a general idea. He's never been to the US, but has met a few tourists. Should he come with a few misconceptions?

What are general opinions Swedes hold of other Scandinavians or people from Nordic countries? Once again, another purely individual view, but I'm assuming Swedes pay more attention to their news than American news. The closest thing I could compare this to is the United States and Canada. How are the relationships? Any stereotyping/poking fun of going around? Is there offense if someone mistakes a Swede for a Norwegian? Also, are there any prejudices held against foreigners or ethnic peoples?

What are popular TV shows in Sweden right now? Current celebrities? Icons (like Oprah Winfrey or Albert Einstein)? Books? Musical artists? Also, people outside of Sweden that are popular there can be included. Unpopular, lesser known, or "indie" people/TV shows/books/etc. are welcomed, too. As are past fads.

Are there any subcultures that appeal to youth? "Raggare" is the only thing I can find and it doesn't fit the character at all. I'm assuming Swedes have common subcultures like punk, goth, "valley girl," etc., right?

If you've been/lived in both Sweden and the USA, what are some (cultural) differences you've noticed? Las Vegas is well-known for its strip. The casinos, strip clubs, showgirls, flashy lights, big shows, etc. ... would any of that be unusual to a person from Stockholm? What are some taboos?

Is it generally frowned upon if someone doesn't go to a university? I couldn't find an answer for this, but I was toying around with the idea of my character only completing the high school equivalent. What are some ideals Swedes hold?

Current Swedish slang? Self-explanatory. I've gone to a few slang sites, but I'm always paranoid that it's outdated!

English? He can speak English. Would he know British English instead of English from another country?

Any Swedish stereotypes I should avoid? The only stereotype I can find is that Swedes are blond(e), tall, have blue or green eyes, and are eccentric. Anything else?

Thank you in advance! Sorry if any of these could be found with a simple search.
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