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DUI in New York by a Japanese citizen + average time of recovery/likely injuries for driver

Setting (time and place): Modern New Jersey/New York area in Heroes canon, post S1, likely AU.

Search engine and keywords: 1: Google with the searches "drunk driving by foreign nationals," and "DUI in New York." I've read the very informative page on dui.com, and I've searched Wiki for "drunk driving." I also checked this tag http://community.livejournal.com/little_details/tag/usa:+law/government+%28modern%29

2: "car hits tree," "driver hits tree," "tree-vehicle accident" on Google and  http://community.livejournal.com/little_details/tag/medicine:+injuries:+broken+bones .

So, in my fic, Hiro got himself drunk at a bar/restaurant that offered bottomless glasses for alcohol, and crashed the Versa into a tree. Ando was riding in the car as a front-seat passenger. (Why this happened is already explained in my first chapter.) I'm writing the second, and my searches aren't giving me very much on a few things.

First, how exactly would a first-time DUI by a Japanese national in New Jersey or New York (I'm thinking of going New York) be handled in the legal system? Yes, I could have Hiro just teleport, but I'm an angstwhore and like to write characters being forced to deal with a mundane bad situation. I'm needing a rough outline of how Hiro's attorney would likely handle his case, who the attorney would be (public defender or private lawyer, OC or canon character), and what the likely dispensation of the case would be (Plea bargain? Jail time? Deportation? Anything else?) (still need answers. . .)

Secondly, I need to establish what, exactly, Hiro's injuries are. I know people are often killed in car on tree accidents, so I'm planning to write that Hiro was so out of it that he thought he was driving a lot faster than he was, and was actually going around 15-25 miles per hour. I've already established Ando, the passenger, to have had a broken arm and bruising, but no life-threatening injuries. What would be an example of some "moderate" injuries that a driver would face in such a situation that a passenger might not? (edit: ANSWERED! Thank you!)

What would recovering from the accident be like?

ETA: THANK YOU! ^_^ Now I have my injury information. You're all awesome. ^_^ I still need information on the law side of things and on recovery, so any advice on recovery from a broken leg/broken ribs/internal bleeding or on how the law would be involved would be happily appreciated with cookies.
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