Esther-Channah (dragonbat2006) wrote in little_details,

Effect of massive conflagration on shipping lane

A long time ago, I read a short story about a forest fire. Some animals took refuge in a pond, and as the fire caught the mast surrounding the water, the resulting heat was sufficient to heat the pond waters to boiling killing all wildlife.

Well... I'm in the middle of a Batman fanfiction in which a firebug is able to ignite 30 warehouses (15 on each side of a shipping lane, perhaps 200 yards wide--at least that's what Google tells me it should be). I'm guessing that the buildings would probably occupy about a quarter of a mile on each side of the shipping lane. 

I've tried googling 'forest fire boil pond', but I can't think of what else to google. Basically, I have a transient who was sleeping on the loading dock and woke up to see everything around him in flames. If he, in a panic, jumps into the water, assuming he can swim, will he be safe--or will he be boiling more than his shoes?
Tags: ~fires
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