Angharad (athousandwinds) wrote in little_details,

Indian names

I have a character, a British Asian woman in her mid-thirties who is either Indian or is of Indian heritage. She's also a superhero, a telepath.

Is the name Agrata Puri reasonable? (I can't find a list of popular Indian names, the only popularity lists I can find are from the US. I don't want to find I've called a relatively young and modern character the Indian equivalent of Elsie.)

Agrata is from Sanskrit, Puri is a Punjabi family name as far as I know. Is the combination feasible? (Or is it like calling your daughter Rosie Rammstein? Which, come to think of it, might be quite a good superhero name.)

If not, can anyone suggest something better?

Her codename is Shakti. It's the name of the personification of God's female aspect in Hinduism. Is this a plausible choice? I know Punjab (where her family name is from) is largely Sikh, but there is a significant Hindu minority.

Tags: india (misc), ~names
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