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Actual burial time

Okay, so it's right after the funeral, and my character's watching his boyfriend get lowered into the ground. Now, my question is, how long is this going to take, in actuality? I'm talking lowering, filling the grave up with dirt, whole thing.

Also, do most funerals lower the coffin in during or after the funeral? I can honestly say I've only attended one funeral in my life (knock on wood) and we left before they lowered the casket. There was also a big metal device they used, I think.

Of course, this took place in Georgia, not England, which is where I think my story's set.

(Search-terms, even, would be helpful- it's 4 am and I'm not quite sure where to go.)

Lastly, does the lowering of the coffin thing vary by religion, and would they even do all of this right afterwards?

Edit: Oh, I think I'm supposed to mention this- I googled coffin lowering+time, coffin burial+time, and burial+time.
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