wraithkeeper (wraithkeeper) wrote in little_details,

need info on paranormal creatures

I'm writing a fanfiction for the tv show Supernatural (it's a show about two brothers who hunt anything paranormal) and I need some help with paranormal creatures. In my story, the characters find some bodies that are aged into desiccated corpses after the people have only been missing for a few hours or days. Does anyone know of any paranormal creatures that would do something like this or legends that explain similar situations? I already know what I'm going to have killing the people, I just need to know what the brothers would suspect of doing this before they figure out what it really is. The story takes place in America, but the legend/creature can really be from anywhere.

I've tried a few google searches like "paranormal murders" or "supernatural deaths", etc., but I can't really find anything helpful.

Tags: ~folklore (misc), ~religion & mythology (misc)

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