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medical care and masonry in 1903 in the back of beyond

Hi, this is my first question here.

One of the main characters in my WIP is a nurse, who is working in Yellowstone National Park, at the construction site of the Old Faithful Inn, in the fall and winter of 1903-04 (I have historical cites for both the presence of a nurse at this time and place and for the fact that the Inn was under construction in the wintertime, incredible as it may seem in that climate). The kinds of things she'd be dealing with, logically, are things like construction injuries and frostbite and so forth. What I need is a source (I've interlibrary loaned what amounts to the 1900 equivalent of the Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, but a) I have no idea if I'll actually get books that old through ILL, and b) how long it'll take if I do) for how injuries and frostbite and so forth would be cared for at that time, and what sort of supplies, medication, and so forth she'd have at her disposal for doing same.

I would love something I wouldn't have to interlibrary loan and wait weeks for. I've googled "medical care 1900" and specific things like "broken bones" and "frostbite" with the date as well, but it's not very helpful.

Any help anyone can give me would be gratefully accepted.

Oh, and just as an extra credit, anyone have any idea how to google the history of masonry? The actual construction technique, not the guys in the robes, which is all I've been able to make come up.

Thank you!
Tags: 1900-1909, usa: wyoming, ~architecture, ~medicine: historical
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