tigerkat24 (tigerkat24) wrote in little_details,

Hand Impalment

Setting: USA (specifically Illinois), early nineties, standard world.

Searches Tried: "impaled hands," "stigmata," "impaled hand," "impaled hand injuries," "impaled hand damage." This answer was helpful, but I'm unsure if a nail would have a different effect since it's wider than a knife.

Question: So I have this character who, when he was a kid, tripped and fell on a board and impaled his right hand on a nail. I know likely treatment of the wound. What I would like to know is if it is possible for him to have full use of the hand as an adult; ideally he'd have a scar on both sides and that would be the only result of the wound. He was taken to the hospital immediately afterwards and got medical attention throughout the healing of the wound. So, is it possible for the nail to have missed all the tendons, bones and nerves in the hand? Likeliness of such a stroke of luck is irrelevant, since I'm mocking myself a bit.

Edit: Got my answer. That was fast! Thanks so much!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)
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