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Realistic male-male sex positions

I am writing a fanfic but as much as I've scoured the 'net, I can't find somewhere that answers my question or has, I don't know, Movable Gay Mannequins; if anybody could also recommend a community that specialises in these things I'd love to know. I have been puzzling over whether this position is feasible in any given way, shape or form, so anybody who knows anything about human physiology or m/m sex would be very helpful. Apologies if this sounds slightly crass, but it is for the good of Literature, and a number of us have been puzzling at it to no avail!

Okay, so - Character A is on his back. Character B is on his knees, straddling his chest, with his knees almost up to A's armpits. If A leans up, can he reach B's penis from there (edit: with his hands, though any input about mouth is really great!) or would they have to shift? And if B is masturbating in that position, where would the come land? On A or B?

Thank you in advance!

ETA: You all rose to the occasion beautifully (that sounds dreadful in this context). Thank you! Much more at ease with what has to be done now!
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