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Canadian Prime Minister's physical office

Does the Canadian Prime Minister have a recognizeable office like the US President's oval office? Would it be something one might conceivably see on television, for ceremonies and whatnot, something a politically aware teenage boy would be at least marginally familiar with? What's it like? Is there an anteroom of some sort or would you go in off the hallway? How close is it to the area that tours of the building get taken on?

Bonus points: Would this official office have been around and used in 1988? My time period is flexible, but that's the ideal date.

I've searched a bunch of Canadian government websites, the comm's memories, and googled things like canadian prime minister office official decor, etc. But most of what I come up with is more about "the office of the prime minister" as a philosophical designation. :D
Tags: 1980-1989, canada: government (misc)
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