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MOD POST: slight rule tweak

This hasn't been an issue, but I'd like to put it on the user info before it becomes one. One of the listed "bannning offenses" is deleting other people's comments--which does include deleting your own entries if other people have already commented.

That's not mentioned explicitly on the user info so I'm changing the wording to:
The things that you can be banned for include, but are not limited to: deleting or screening other people's comments, deleting your own posts if that will wipe out other people's comments, attacking other members' choice of subject matter, using racial or sexual slurs...
Is that clear? If it's not, any suggestions?

(I added the screening bit because although it should be common sense, it actually isn't.)

I know that sometimes there are good reasons to delete your own posts, and I'm not going to get on anyone's case about that. If you find out that you're possibly spoiling a gift fic idea, or post to the wrong community, or whatever--that's okay. This is mainly just to address people deleting because they don't like what's being said.

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