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Wedding invitations

Setting: US, Modern day, maye a few years to the future, Wisconsin most likely but state may change.

Atrttempted research: Wikipedia wedding invitations, history of wedding invitations, google "traditional wedding intvitations," "wedding invitation examples" - but i keep comingt up with stationery companies and only finding ewxamples from the UK *is weak in the google*

Question: I keep finding links like this to how to word a formal wedding invitation, except, none of them seem to cover the situation I have in the story:

the wedding is a very traditional white wedding, very "Picture perfect"- and hosted by the groom's widowed father since the bride's parents are moSt definitely out of the picture - it is a green card marriage between good friends. How would the formal invitation to a wedding hosted by the groom's parents, or in this case, jsut the groom's father, be worded? Would it be something along thte lines of, "Mr. Soandso invites you to the wedding of his son X to miss Y, at this time at that location"? Or would they, despite the groom;s father paying for everything etc. go for the kind of an invitation that is worded in a way that the couple themslves are hosting the wedding? It is v. importnat to the father to keep up appeearances about the matter - that his son is not marrying someone jsut to make sure they can stick around and not have to go back home.

will clarify if this does not make sense.
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